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Cru Classe is your portal to the fascinating world of Wine, Spirits and Sake!

Our services include education and consulting in Wines, Spirits and Sake for individuals and businesses alike.
Whether you choose to explore this delightful industry, or perhaps refresh or enhance your experience in beverage alcohol, we have the passion and qualification to guide you there.  

Cru Classe also specializes in catering to industry professionals. From writing new and impressive Wine Lists, reviving existing ones, staff training and orientation, to reviews and tastings, Cru Classe covers it all! We provide one-on-one consultation with restaurants and lounges to customize Wine Pairings to match their Chef’s creations.

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Lara-CruSo, who’s the “Cru”?

The “Cru” at Cru Classe is Lara Victoria, DipWSET, CSW. She is passionate about the hospitality industry and is one of the most qualified professionals in beverage alcohol in Vancouver, Canada. Along with her Diploma from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET), Lara holds a suite of other qualifications. She is a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) from the Society of Wine Educators and holds the Professional Certificate of Spirits awarded by WSET, as well. She is also a Certified WSET Educator and offers all levels of WSET courses in Wines and Spirits. As an Official Sherry Educator, certified by the Consejos Reguladores del Marco de Jerez, she conducts events and educational seminars on the subject. Further, she has also earned the highest level of certification in Sake from WSET.

An oenophile and “wine geek” at core, Lara also has a background in Food Technology. As an avid chef, a trained Pastry Chef and an accomplished Culinary Artist she believes in balancing flavours, textures, chemistry and all the delicate intricacies of ingredients involved in a gastronomic experience. 

Food and Wine/Spirit/Sake Pairing is therefore Lara’s specialty. She believes it is a balance of ‘art’ and ‘science’. While her natural passion and talent for the subject renders itself effortlessly towards the ‘art’ quotient, her knowledge base provides the necessary ‘science’ that is required. Put these elements together and there is magic to discover in every well-paired experience!

It is with this faculty of qualifications and experience that Lara developed Cru Classe to bring together the true “sensory” experience that food and beverage alcohol are meant to be...and with Lara at the helm, it is experience you can trust!