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Cru Classe is a strong advocate of RESPONSIBLE DRINKING.

While we sing the virtues of wine, we cannot ignore that wine IS an alcohol and its consumption can be abused. This is extremely dangerous. Valuable lives are compromised and even lost due to excessive and irresponsible drinking.

The fact is : Alcohol consumption does impair visibility, discretion and judgement.

Cru Classe is therefore dedicated to support the education of responsible drinking and a strong advocate against drinking and driving.

Every event conducted by Cru Classe will comprise of a section on Responsible Drinking.
This is our commitment.

We are privileged to support valuable organizations that share our social commitment in advocating the importance of Responsible Driving such as MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving. We invite you to visit their website to donate to their noble cause. While you are there you can learn more about the services they provide and the cause they support.

Tips on Responsible Drinking
  • Plan ahead of time for safe transportation home. 
  • Eat before you start drinking. Eat while you drink too!
  • Pace your drinking ...remember you are the one consuming the drink...don’t let it consume you! 
  • Take your time and check if you are really able to consume another drink. If not, don’t take a chance...wait it out.
  • Drink plenty of water or non-alcoholic drinks between alcoholic beverages.
  • Respect another's choice not to drink. If someone in your group decides not to drink, support them by buying their non-alcoholic beverages for them. 
  • On social outings with a group of friends, designate a driver who does not consume any alcohol...and treat them on non-alcoholic beverages...after all they are taking measures to get you safely back home. Priceless!
  • Instead of driving back home chose local transportation or walk back if possible!! Walk off that alcohol in your system!!